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Varkala is a beautiful town by the sea in Trivandrum, Kerala. It's special because it has tall cliffs, 15 meters high, right next to the Arabian Sea. Varkala has become famous for its relaxed and easygoing way of life, and it's popular with hippies. When you visit Varkala, you will see stunning lakes, green hills, old temples, and places where you can get traditional Indian medicine treatments (Ayurveda). The place

When traveling to Varkala, renting a car becomes an obvious choice as self-drive tips give you the freedom and independence to explore this beautiful little town at your own pace and free will, devoid of strict schedules of planned trips or running behind the timetables of public transport. The slow pace of this town and the tranquil atmosphere here lure you to take a halt every now and then, which is only possible when you self-drive or rent a car without a driver.

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There are many things to see and do in Varkala. You can explore natural wonders like Varkala Cliff and Varkala Beach, visit old ruins like Anchuthengu and Anjengo Fort, relax by Kappil Lake, and learn about history at Sivagiri Mutt. There are also temples like Vishnu Temple and Janardana Swami Temple, as well as beaches like Chilakoor Beach. Don't forget to check out the Varkala Lighthouse.

Varkala has lots of activities to enjoy during your vacation. You can do water activities like scuba diving, banana boating, parasailing, and jet skiing. You can also watch traditional Indian dance performances called Kathakali at local festivals, and take pictures of the beautiful Varkala cliffs. If you want to relax and rejuvenate, there are yoga classes and special Indian treatments called Ayurveda.

Why Rent a Car Without Driver in Varkala

There’s no greater joy in life than exploring a new destination and immersing yourself in its experiences. And self-drive trips are the best way to do that, navigating through the city or town's heart, making stops along the way to savor the local flavors, soaking in the natural beauty as you drive by the serene roads and simply take a halt just because you can.

Self-driving travel grants you precisely that opportunity. The current travel trend gaining popularity is self-drive vacations, offering travelers a unique way to perceive and engage with a city, an experience that might otherwise remain elusive. Self-drive vacations stand apart from destination-focused travel, providing travelers with the chance to see more, engage in more activities, and return home with a wealth of memories and stories to share.

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Why Should NRIs Rent a Car in Varkala

NRIs often visit India on their yearly outings. This is the time when they take family vacations and plan nearby trips, which are special occasions for both the NRIs and their extended family to spend some time together. While it is fun to go for a trip, getting stuck with planning trips or running behind schedules may not always be the best option. This is why Varkala car rentals are becoming popular amongst visiting NRIs in this part of the country. A rental car in Varkala is one of the best ways for NRIs to go on a fun trip. It is not only affordable but also provides you with a chance to connect with the surroundings and create memories of a lifetime.

As the demand for self-drive trips has increased, so has the number of vendors offering Varkala car rentals. However, not all of them are equally professional or provide a pleasant experience. You must choose self-drive car rentals in Varkala from a professional and trustworthy service provider so that it’s easy and breezy all the way through.

Why Choose Rent a Car in Trivandrum

We at Rent a Car in Trivandrum offer memorable services that are within your budget, supported by professionals and offer quality, well-maintained, hygienic, and sanitized cars throughout the year. We know that having a comfortable and hassle-free ride is the start of a great journey. Our range of vehicles is quite varied, including compact cars and roomy SUVs, so you can pick the one that suits you and your travel buddies best. Plus, we provide both manual and automatic transmissions, so you can choose the driving style that makes you feel most comfortable.

Whether you are a resident in need of a reliable way to get around or a visitor exploring the stunning scenery of Trivandrum, we are here to help. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service, a wide range of vehicles, and flexible rental choices makes us the top choice for all your car rental needs.

Our 24/7 car rental support, anytime reservation facility, and lots of pickup locations make us one of the most preferred Varkala car rentals.

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Our services go beyond simply providing vehicles. We offer an experience customized to your needs. With our self-drive car rentals in Trivandrum, you have the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace. Whether it’s a quick business trip, a family vacation, or a relaxing escape, our vehicles are ready to cater to your requirements.

Rent a Car in Trivandrum is delighted to offer automatic car rental options without a driver, giving you the freedom and convenience of driving on your own terms. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained and undergo regular servicing to ensure safety and reliability. Your comfort is our priority, making every journey enjoyable and memorable.

Automatic Car Rentals:

Simplify your drive with our automatic car rental service. Driving an automatic is easy and stress-free, and we offer a wide range of options for you to select from. Our fleet of automatic cars includes models like WagonR, Maruti Celerio, WagonR New, Maruti Swift New, Hyundai Elite i20, Suzuki New Baleno, Ertiga, Brezza, Jimny, Creta, and many others.

Manual Car Rentals:

Have control of your car in your hands with manual drives, a mode that professionals prefer. Driving a manual car means you can enjoy the power and acceleration of these powerful machines and enjoy the ride while vacationing with your family and friends. Our Varkala car rentals offer manual car options like WagonR, Swift and Swift Dzire.

Wedding Car Rentals:

Now add more style and exuberance to your wedding with our Varakal car rentals. Choose from a wide range of stylish and luxury car options for your wedding and shine like a true rockstar as you make a grand entry to your wedding.

If you wish to Rent a Car in Varkala without Driver, then think of us. We provide a wide range of automatic car rentals in Varkala and self-drive rent a car in Varkala at the most competitive price. Our 24/7 support, any-time, anywhere pickup and drop services, an experienced customer support team and above all, the best range of cars in well-maintained conditions set us apart.

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